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Read about the current and ongoing fight in Afghanistan, 2009.  Experience the frustration, feel the heat, the loneliness, the stress and the pain.  Also, get a feeling for the humor, the closeness of soldiers on the ground. 
Book Description:  Suspense-Thriller/Espionage, Combat Action, War Story
Publication Date:  March 1, 2012
Follow the tales...  No, live the life of a US Special Forces Military Intelligence Operator, on the ground in 2009 Afghanistan.  Follow the trail through the slums of Kabul through the Swat Valley & Khyber Pass, across the Central Asian Shithole of Shkin.  Feel the excitement, the anxiety, the unbelievable tension!  The pressure of a Top Secret Intelligence Operation in Afghanistan, through the realistic and vivid detail, descriptions from notes taken contemporaneously to events as they occurred on the ground.


Book Description:  Thriller/Suspense-Science Fiction-Erotic Romance
Publication Date: 
September 2, 2015
A New addendum to the Washington Irving Short Story, "the Legend of Sleepy Hallow."
   Now I wrote this story well before the Fox TV Series launched, so any similarities are purely coincidental.  But in the tale, Mike & Maggie, accidentally find a portal to the past and unwittingly unleash a monster upon 21st Century New York.  This story stays true to the original legend, but is loaded with far more pulse pounding action, breath taking suspense.   A thriller unlike any other, intertwined with strong emotional drama, a new, but strong growing love, and BLISTERING HOT Sex!  The 1st of the Trilogy, and for you lovers of the original, you will not be disappointed.

                                                      * * * * *

Stumbling onto a doorway between time periods, Maggie and Mike release a monster that threatens their lives and the balance of history.

Will they find the threat they loosed on the world in time? Will their lives, and tender new love, be the price they pay for their innocent curiosity?

Get comfortable (but don't forget to bar the windows!) with a fantastic story that weaves time travel, action, heartfelt romance, and sizzling sex!

Book Description:  Historical fiction/Science Fiction-Erotic Romance.
Publication Date:  March 27, 2014
Learn the real story behind General Benedict Arnold and his betrayal of the Continental Army Garrison at West Point.  Learn the untold heroic tales of our friends Mike & Maggie as they try desperately to keep the fabric of time & space intact, keep the world as we know, as we know it!  The timeline in this story is meticulous and true to history.  Get down in the grass on an intelligence mission during the American Revolution.

                                                      * * * * *

What started with the Legend of Sleepy Hollow, leads to a spy thriller, set in the American Revolution, with the fate of the world hanging in the balance.

First one, now two steps beyond the original Washington Irving tale, yet true to the original, this story takes you into another dynamic of the same period, and the time and space continuum, while keeping you rooted in the 21st Century. 

                                                       * * * * *

After defeating the legendary Headless Horseman, Mike and Maggie transcend space and time once again to fight a Revolutionary War evil that threatens the world.

The fate of the nation and the world, past and present, now rests on their fierce bond and warrior-like skills.

Catch your breath at the fire and smoke of their passion which holds them together through another battle with a couple of traitors that transcend time.

The third in the series...
Follow the story of Mike & Maggie as they stumble through life and accidental time travel.  This time, another Headless Horseman!

Scheduled Launch Date:  November 20, 2015

     Mike and Maggie’s bond was forged at West Point in a timeless fight against evil, and tempered in the firestorm of the American Revolution.  Then a relaxing road trip at Christmas leads them to another headless horseman, and threatens their bond, their love, and their very lives.
Three times lucky may be a charm, but Mike and Maggie both know what happens when you meddle with history. Will the Civil War be the end of them?

The Complete Series
               Into Darkness

      *  Into Darkness Eternal
      *  Into Darkness Again
      *  Into Darkness Once More

COMING SOON                        

      We all know that it had to happen, and more than once, when a fighting man who was reported to the family and loved ones as:  "MISSING IN ACTION:  PRESUMED DEAD," is suddenly found to be alive, if not well.
      And now, you've been "dead" for over three years, and life had to go on...  What did you expect?  Would it be too much to ask...  for her to wait...   ...   ...   ???  She's all grown up now, of course it is!  Well, maybe not...
      Well, it is Christmas, a Season of Miracles, just maybe she is still there...
      Read this story, based on actual characters and events and find out.

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