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Okay, let's be honest:  How many Science Fictions Stories, are really just science fiction? 
 Almost none!  They are always about some accompanying drama.  Well, mine are no different.  So, I'm sure that you'll find these the perfect blend of Science Fiction, coupled with pulse pounding action & excitement, heartfelt romance and scorching erotica!!!

Into Darkness...

     Follow this trilogy of short novellas, for a full satisfying read, with all of the action and hot spicy romance that you could want in just a few pages.
     I don't know about you, but I prefer my women to be strong women of sturdy character and physically stout.  Blistering HOT?  Sure, that helps too. 

Into Darkness Eternal
     The 1st of the trilogy

      First in the series, follow Mike & Maggie, two college age kids who wander off into the woods one night looking for a little romance when they accidentally stumble upon a doorway,  a portal to another dimension and time, and unwittingly unleash a legendary monster upon 21st Century New York.  Consider this a modern addendum to Washington Irving's "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow," true to the original.
      However, these two college kids are not your average numbskulls to go running and thrashing through the dark forest screaming, only to die groveling at the feet of some horrific monster.
      Mike & Maggie are both Combat Veterans, Maggie from Iraq and Mike from Afghanistan, can their combat skills, fighting spirit, and 21st Century street smarts carry the day for them? 
      This is a thrilling, hair raising tale of terror, perfectly couple with a young blooming romance, if I do say so myself.  Lovers of Sci-Fi, Romance & Erotica will all enjoy this novella!
   ***  This story was written prior to the FOX TV Series, Sleepy Hollow, so any similarities are purely coincidental.

Into Darkness Again

      Once again, Mike & Maggie must travel through time and space to a time which spawned the Headless Horseman, to correct history.  And as the world hangs in the balance, failure is not an option.
      Learn the real story behind General Benedict Arnold's betrayal of West Point, the behind the scenes debauchery of his wife, Peggy Shipman, the efforts to ensnare him and his contact agent, Major John Andre`
      This Revolutionary War Spy Thriller is a page turner from start to finish.  Those who are acquainted with Mike & Maggie will also want to see how their relationship progresses.

Into Darkness Once More

     There's no such thing as coincidence.  Or at least, so say Mike & Maggie, so when they are faced with yet another Headless Horseman, they must find a way back to the American Civil War, to save a life?  To right history?  Who knows?
      Can they do it again?  Or are the penalties for playing with history too great?
      The third and final in the series, any true Civil War Buff, lovers of Military History and Erotica & Romance will also love this story, another perfect blend of Sci-Fi, Romance & History.

Into Darkness, the Complete Series

      *  Into Darkness Eternal
      *  Into Darkness Again
      *  Into Darkness Once More

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