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Now for Something... Completely different...

Erotic Romance, by Richard Burns
Yeah, I know you wouldn't expect to find this here, but who doesn't like a good steamy story every now and then? 

      And if nothing else, these stories are STEAMY!!!
     Don't Laugh! This is a much better story that you think! Once again, even the woman in your life will like this amazingly good short story. This is the story of a Soldier's first sexual experience, with a Prostitute no less, at Fort Benning, GA. DO NOT SELL THIS STORY SHORT. For 20 pages, this is a full story that will leave you, the reader, completely satisfied with the purchase. Price: $1.99

Editorial Reviews

     Man!  This story is HOT!!!  It's got everything!  Scene setting, character development, Hot Steamy Sex Scenes, passion and romance.  Way more than I expected from a short story.  Fantastic read.

Product Description

      A young white soldier has his first sexual encounter. The racial kettle of the southern US in 1979 is at a constant simmer. And just how good can a hooker be, when it’s just another day’s work? Or is there no substitute for professionalism?

     Man! This story is HOT!!! It's got everything! Scene setting, character development, Hot teamy Sex scenes, passion and romance. Way more than I expected from a short story. Fantastic read.

Product Description:  
     A young white soldier has his first sexual encounter. The racial kettle of the southern US in 1979 is at a constant simmer. And just how good can a hooker be, when it’s just another day’s work? Or is there no substitute for professionalism?

Erotic Romance Books by Burns
Into Darkness Series 
This is a series of short novellas that center around Sleepy Hallow (North Tarrytown, NY), and the peculiar people and happenings there.  Start with the 21st Century Addendum to Washington Irving's "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow," in the first of the trilogy, "Into Darkness Eternal."  This is a series of Science Fiction, perfectly blended with Military History, and blistering HOT Romance!!!  No, it's not about the sex!  It's about the intensity of it!

Into Darkness Eternal
     Mike & Maggie venture into the woods one night looking for a little quality time and accidentally unleash a monster from long past, unwittingly on 21st Century New York.  Very true to the original story, and can the monster be beat?  Perhaps not by most victims.  But when your 'victims' are two of the Army's Best & Brightest from the US Military Academy at West Point, and both recently hardened combat veterans from Iraq & Afghanistan, they don't go easy.

     Vividly told in the 1st Person, you'll feel your pulse pounding as you lock horns and fight for your life!

Into Darkness Again
     What started with the Legend of Sleepy Hollow, leads to a spy thriller, set in the American Revolution, with the fate of the world hanging in the balance.
     First one, now two steps beyond the original Washington Irving tale, yet true to the original, this story takes you into another dynamic of the same period, and the time and space continuum, while keeping you rooted in the 21st Century.

                                                * * * *
     After altering certain points of history, history must right itself.  And for that transgression, the fate of the nation and the world, past and present, now rests on their fierce bond and warrior-like skills.
     Learn the real story of Benedict Arnold and his betrayals.  Catch your breath at the fire and smoke of their passion which holds them together through another battle with a couple of traitors that transcend time.
     Don't just follow our heroes on their adventure, feel the tension and stress, the excitement of a Top Secret Intelligence Mission during the Revolutionary War, in this page turning tale of intrigue and betrayal

Available November 20, 2015
While on their way home for Christmas, Mike & Maggie encounter, yet another headless horseman.  In West Virginia, no less.  Have they learned their lesson in metalling with history, or is there no such thing as coincidence?

     Learn the REAL story behind the other headless horseman, learn what happens when 21st Century meets the 19th Century on the battlefield.
     What are the consequences for playing with history?

Into Darkness,  (The Complete Series)
Buy the complete series for one low price.

Erotic Romance by Mark Casigh

Mysti didn't have a clue what her life had been missing when an escape to Mexico took her to Cozumel. She learned things about herself that amazed her. She learned to do things with her body and have things done to her body that she had never known existed and that caused her such unimaginable, piercing pleasure. Her sexuality and sensuality are truly set free.

Editorial Reviews


They should've printed this book on asbestos pages!  This book is so HOT, it's hard to hold on to!  Man!  The scenes are so vividly portrayed here, it makes the reader feels as though they are in the room with the characters!  Phenominal Writing!

From the Author

This is a story of a Middle Aged Divorce` and her awakening after a lifetime's sexual slumber and the whole new world of life that she finds open to her.  Laid out, spread out before life a buffet, for her tasting, her sampling, her choosing, her consumption.  Follow Misty through her development in my new series.


Product Description:  Teen aged angst, Coming of Age 
Publication Date:  December 9, 2014
     All eighteen-year-old Mark wants is to be able to spend some alone time with Felicia. They aren't exactly girlfriend & boyfriend—their relationship isn't exactly accepted everywhere since he's white and she's black. Mark doesn't care, and neither does she, and to his relief, when he comes over for Christmas, her parents don't either. 
     But with so many relatives over, finding time for each other isn't exactly easy, but they will find a way. Growing up a Catholic means that Mark knows premarital sex is wrong, leaving him to wonder if absolution is what he really wants and what exactly love is.

Product Description;   Wounded Warrior, Homecoming, High School Romance, Workplace Sex, Sex in Public Places, at al, and it just gets better and better, from there.                                                                                                                                           Publication dateDecember 10, 2013

Editorial Reviews
This was an amazing story with two incredible characters. i was hesitant to read this because their wasn't much of a description but I am so glad i got this. if I could give this 10000 stars I would. I hope this author writes more and fast i would buy anything he writes.

                                            * * * * *
This story made me remember someone I hadn't thought about in years. And yes, the memories were just as meltingly hot as the scenes in this story. Read it, and remember your own "Auld Lang Syne."

Under the Mistletoe, 1945
      We all know that it had to happen, and more than once, when a fighting man who was reported to the family and loved ones as:  "MISSING IN ACTION:  PRESUMED DEAD," is suddenly found to be alive, if not well.
      And now, you've been "dead" for over three years, and life had to go on...  What did you expect?  Would it be too much to ask...  for her to wait...   ...   ...   ???  She's all grown up now, of course it is!  Well, maybe not...
      Well, it is Christmas, a Season of Miracles, just maybe she is still there...
      Read this story, based on actual characters and events and find out.


            Just where do our dreams...  our fantasies end, and where does reality begin???
           Well, that's easy:  At the Pullman Illinois Central Elevated Train Stop in Chicago, where else?

            Ms Jazma Parker works at a Publishing firm in Downtown Chicago, a daily commuter on the Illinois Central (IC) Line, all the way down to Randolph Street.
            Then one day, a new rider is on the train, such a handsome man, kind and courteous, with such a gentle, but hot touch!  The sparks fly in the rail car immediately!
            The two can barely contain themselves for their rides to work, and sometimes...   They don't!
            No messy mind games, no thinking and rethinking what she said vs what she meant, no scheming, no plotting.  This is a story about an attraction so strong, it must've been Chemical...?
            With their mutual desire so strong, find out how they manage to invade each others' minds, how deeply they lust for the other.  What they are willing to do for the other to ensure their happiness.
          This book is HOT!!!  Hot! Hot! HOT!!!

            Plus!  Learn the real story behind Valentine's Day.

This is the 1st book of a series:  Stranger for a Moment.

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